2015 Umra Organization

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 Hajj is the most important turning point in the life of a Muslim. This holy journey offers great possibilities of  spiritual growth such as gaining taqwa and being conscious of the presence of Allah (swt) in all our actions and affairs. It is a Muslim’s voyage to his inner world and Muslim brothers as well as history.

This voyage to the blessed region that is full of memories and vestiges of ulu’l-azm prophets, God, the Master of the Universe and close companions of Prophet Muhammad (Sahabe-i kiram) also has spiritual dimensions besides the way it is practiced. Therefore, the journey of Hajj is not an ordinary one. It is different from other journeys in terms of its objective and essence. This is a journey of worship that Muslims set off on with high goals.
Please check the link : 2015 Diyanet Umra Organization