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TAC was established in 2014 to bring together individuals who are of Turkish or Turkic background, as well as those who are interested in the culture, language, and politics of the Republic of Turkey.


At our Turkish Assembly Centre (TA-Centre) TAC aims to gather the community around social and cultural and Islamic events;

  • to build awareness of Turkish activities in the community

  • to promote knowledge and represent the Turkish Community in Canada

  • to organize other activities related to education, academics, and culture

  • to collaborate and network with other partners/organizations within Canada and abroad

  • to support and encourage Turkish/Turkic students in regards to accommodation and their academic well-being.

  • to contribute in skilled and sustainable ways to improve the performance and capacity of community organizations

  •  as well as to reach out to the Canadian Government and Non-Government Organisations for interchanging and collaborating in ideas and resources.

At our TA-Centre our Imam will be there to provide services in regards to :

  • lead salah (ritual prayers) at the mosque five times during the day: dawn, midday, afternoon, sunset, and evening.

  • give the khutbah (sermon) and lead the Jumah prayers

  • teach the Quran and Islamic studies; provide Hadith (the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) studies, seerah instruction (biographical history of the Prophet Muhammad), fiqh (Islamic law) lessons, and classes on other Islamic topics to increase knowledge and provide for the spiritual growth of community members;

  • conduct wedding services, and provide marital counseling, when necessary; and officiate at funeral services and provide guidance/support to the family of the deceased.

  • Perform special duties during Ramadan, a holy month of fasting, prayer, and introspection. This includes leading the Taraweeh prayer (in which long portions of the Quran are recited)

  • maintain regular office house at the mosque for community members to seek religious counsel and guidance

  • provide youth counseling and guidance.

  • develop and implement educational and extracurricular programs for youth

  • respond to all inquiries and debates regarding Islamic matters and issues

Ever since its foundation, the Turkish Association of Canada (TAC) has been actively organizing events in order to carry out its mission and to represent both Turkish-Canadian citizens as well as Canadians interested in Turkey.

TAC is interested in creating an effective platform between the people and the representatives of Canada, as well as the possibilities and the advantages that Turkey is able to offer.




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