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Religious Services

  • TA-Centre Mescid –  Friday khutbah, payers & regular weekly prayer services.

  • Quran courses for adults & children ages 5-14

  • Religious engagements – Nikah

  • Deceased preparation for burial & funeral ceremonies and follow-up home condolences visitation

  • Ramadan Taraweeh prayer and iftar dinner sponsorship programs

  • Eid celebration programs – breakfasts & barbeques 

  • Affiliation with the Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey – Provides imam services for our location 

  • Support funding for materials to masjids in Ottawa

  • Work in solidarity with other Muslim organizations in Ottawa

  • Organize preparation for Haj Pilgrimage yearly with Diyanet Kanada

  • Weekly Juma evening religious dialogue/conversation - Hadiths

  • Student Quran reading & transition programs

Social/Cultural Services

  • Turkish classes for children & teenagers

  • Outreach for new University students & Turkish residents to Canada

  • Host University academians to provide seminars 

  • Host booths at various events to promote knowledge of Turkey / Turkish Airlines

  • Host Tourism and Cultural Affairs of Turkey booths for Tourism at EY Centre.

  • Carry out Gallipolli Commemoration Ceremony for Fallen Soldiers.

  • Host National Children's Day Event.

  • Participate in the Raising of the Turkish Flag at Ottawa City Hall on Turkish National Day.

  • Host Turkish Cultural booths at The yearly Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa.

  • Weekened Student family visitations.

  • Religious and National Day Celebration Events.

Want To Get Involved?

Volunteer Application Form / Student Registration for Turkish or Qu'ran Classes

Give us a hand & start making a difference helping  or by registration your child for Turkish Language Education or Qu'ran Lessons

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