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2022 Iftar Dinner

Do you want to keep Ramadan alive?

The price of giving iftar to a fasting person in Ramadan is great. According to what is reported from Zayd Ibn Khalid al-Juheni about giving iftar, Hz. The Prophet said:

“Whoever gives iftar to a fasting person, he will receive as much reward as the fasting person. Nothing is less than the reward of the fasting person. (Tirmidhi, Savm 82)

It is commanded in another hadîth-i-sherîf:

“Whoever gives iftar to a fasting person in this month, it will cause his sins to be forgiven, he will be saved from the torment of Hell and he will receive the reward of fasting without detracting from his own reward.” Hearing this, the Companions said:O Messenger of Allah! We don't all have enough food to feed a fasting person." they said. Upon this, the Messenger of Allah said:

“Whoever makes a fasting person iftar with a date or a drink of water or a tasting milk, Allah will give him this reward.” he commanded. (Ali al-Muttaqi, VIII, 477/23714)

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